The Greater New Orleans Barge Fleeting Association is a non-profit association of companies engaged in the operation of barge fleets and towboats in the New Orleans — Baton Rouge corridor. The purpose of the Association is to promote a closer professional relationship between members, to disseminate information pertaining to fleeting and the river industry, to support member companies when consistent with the interests of the organization as a whole, and to improve relations with communities, regulating government bodies, and other professional organizations.

Our River and Marine Industry Seminar is well recognized and respected worldwide as one of the premier seminars in the marine industry. In 1981, Greg Derbes contacted Maurice Hebert to discuss a potential seminar for the marine industry. Maurice’s reaction to his request was met with three conditions; 1) must be in downtown New Orleans, 2) a reference book for the attendees, and 3) the agenda and speakers would be his sole responsibility. To be successful, the GNOBFA seminar must be first class and with no politics. With the blessing of the GNOBFA board of governors, the first seminar, 1982, was held and consisted of fifty-six attendees from all parts of the maritime community. In some recent seminars, we have had over five hundred registrants attending from over thirty-three states, England, and Germany.