2024 Continuing Education Credits

This seminar may satisfy your state’s Legal or Insurance Continuing Education requirements. We will post the credit hours as we receive approval from the listed states. The Association applies for approval from the following jurisdictions as noted below. If you wish credits from a state not listed below or for further information:

Insurance C.E. Credits: Ginger Manning at gnobfainsce@gmail.com

Legal C.E. Credits:  Tommy Grantham at 225/338-5903 Thomas.Grantham@IngramBarge.com

Be advised that many states require applications be submitted as much as 120 days in advance of the event.

16.00 Hours includes 2.00 EthicsALN/A
Accepts LouisianaCAN/A
15.75 Hours 2.00 Ethics/Prof
16 Hours includes 2.00 EthicsINN/A
16.00 Hours includes 2.00 EthicsKYN/A
16.00 Hours includes 1.00 Ethics 1.00 ProfLA14.00 General 2.00 Ethics
16.00 Hours includes 2.00 EthicsMS15.00 Hours Property & Casualty 2.00 Ethics
19.20 Hours includes 2.40 EthicsMO16.00 Hours Property & Casualty 2.00 Ethics
Accepts LouisianaNY & NJN/A
16.00 Hours includes 2.00 ProfOHN/A
16.00 Hours includes 2.00 EthicsPAN/A
14.25 Hours + 2.00 Dual
16.00 Hours includes 2.00 EthicsTX16.00 General 2.00 Ethics
12.50 Hours GeneralVAN/A
N/AWA16.00 Hours 0 Ethics
19.20 Hours includes 2.40 EthicsWVN/A

Questions? Check the Contact page to email the appropriate party.